Thursday, May 9, 2013

Perspective From Pain

I received an email from a friend last week with the following list, and I knew it was something that would encourage others. She gave me permission to share it here. 

What Lyme and paralysis have taught me...

1. A relationship with God means walking with Him along the same path, not walking towards or away. 

2. I am complete the way I am right now today. I am not what I once was, but that is beyond my control. Nothing needs to be added or taken away. No altering needs to be done.

3. Lyme and paralysis are my teachers and not my enemy. They teach me the depth of pain that others go through. Compassion, empathy, sympathy. It moves me to get into activism for others. To yell loudly for those who can't.

4. My purpose in life is beyond sickness, roles, or what others say. It's to help others with what I've been given. It is to bring honor and glory to God.

5. Acceptance of Lyme/paralysis does not mean I love it. It just means I understand it's a part of my life and I'm still going to live it. It does mean I will cry, get frustrated, mourn my lost life, but I will work through this by being open, honest and real.

6. My grandchildren will be more compassionate people because of my conditions. It will not hurt them as long as I don't let it hurt me.

7. I have a life and Lyme/ paralysis is a part of it and not all of it.

8. There will always be people who understand and help me through my illness and those who just don't have the ability to do so. I have to accept that.

9. There is no magic pill.

10. Taking pills, herbs, using heat packs, rifing and my hothouse, are needed to keep me going, and everyone needs some type of health regimine whether they are sick or not.

11. Humility is the key to every situation I find myself in. Anger gets me nowhere.

12. I have good days and bad days. I am grateful for the good ones, and I try to accept the help offered on the bad ones.

13. I had to get sick to value my health.

Thank you Anne, for letting me share this. I say a hearty "Amen!" to all these things.

Question: What's one valuable thing you've learned through your pain or difficulties?

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