Monday, May 13, 2013

I Can Wake Up Early!

I've really enjoyed writing these "I Can" posts each Monday. =) It's good for me to celebrate all the things I'm able to do again, and it reminds me not to take life for granted but to be thankful for every little detail. 

I hope you've been encouraged by these posts as well. Today I have another gift to celebrate!

After years of sleeping until 9am or later, and then finally dragging myself out of bed, last week something amazing happened. I actually had 3 days where I woke up before 7:30! And I felt ready to get up and embrace the day! 

It's a beautiful thing to wake up early and actually feel like getting up! 

I still have some days of sleeping past 8am, but that's usually just when I'm detoxing another infection and my body needs more sleep. I think this waking up early is going to be my new "normal" very soon! I'm so thankful! And just think how much extra time I'll have if I start my day at 7:30 instead of 9am. haha =) 

Getting good sleep is absolutely essential to good health.The quality of my sleep has gradually improved over the last few years, and now my body doesn't need as much. With so much life to live, I'm very thankful that I Can wake up early!

(This article has some good general tips on how to sleep better.)

What can you do to improve your sleep? 

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