Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super-Hero Food

Popeye had spinach. Mr. T had milk. For Super-E.I. Girl, the super-food of choice is --- Chocolate!

Yes, after nearly 20 years of being allergic to chocolate, it's now my favorite "super-hero food." =)

Thanks to Dr. Smith's CBT allergy treatment, I'm no longer allergic to chocolate. And thanks to my herbalogist I've discovered it's many benefits.

A few quick facts - chocolate is full of antioxidants, rich in minerals, lowers cholesterol, is good for the heart, and improves mood.
(You can find more details online. See -

According to my dr, chocolate is helpful for detoxifying the liver and boosting immune health.

However, the type of chocolate you eat IS important. Organic, dark chocolate, with little or no sugar, preservatives, or milk ingredients is best.

I get Vivani organic, dark chocolate. It has no soy products and very little sugar (organic cane sugar). There are other healthy brands as well.

I only eat 2-4 small squares of chocolate a day (there are 24 squares in one bar, so it's not much). The healthiest serving size probably varies from person to person. Viewing chocolate as a healthy food - to help your body - not as an indulgence, may help you find the right amount for you. =)

Also, chocolate or cocoa can be used topically for detoxing. At one point, my herbalogist had me put a cocoa/flaxseed oil paste on my neck (for I think 30 minutes). Or sometimes I hold one small square of chocolate on my liver for anywhere from 5-10 minutes. (Dr direction is advised for specific uses.)

No doubt about it, chocolate is a wonderful super-hero food! =) It gives me a little extra energy for exercising, provides quick relief when my adrenals are stressed, and makes me happy that something that tastes so good is also good for me! =)

Well, I better go. I hear a piece of chocolate calling my name....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

E.I. Photo Diary

Someone suggested I include more photos on this blog. Sadly, there just
isn't much that's "photo-worthy" in this E.I. life. But I decided I
could give you a little photo-glimpse into how I live. My brief, E.I.
photo diary. =)

- My trusty shoes (made in Brazil) lasted about 7 years! I literally
wore them to death, as you can see, before I finally found a new pair I
wasn't allergic to.

- This is my birthday watermelon! (No cake for me.) It was delicious,
by the way. =)

- I enjoy visiting the beach when I can. I went once a month this past
summer. We always go to the national park beach because there's hardly
anyone there, so I don't have to worry about sunscreen smells or

- This is my humble abode. Totally bare except for essentials - a
mattress and an air purifier. Thank goodness at least I have windows so
I'm not just staring at blank walls all day. =)

- My clean laundry has to air out on the dining room table before I can
wear it. (At least I'm not airing dirty laundry.) =) It's not my mom's
favorite place for leaving laundry, but it's what works the best. (I do
clean off the table and actually eat a meal there every once in a
while, as a special treat for my mom.) =)

- A bright spot in my limited life - my precious nieces & nephews! They
come to visit me in our back yard, since we can't let anyone in our
house. (It's impossible to "de-fragrance" a non-E.I. person completely,
and it's very hard to detoxify the house once a "fragrant" person has
entered.) I usually do okay visiting with people outside for a short
time, thank the Lord. =)

That's the brief tour. I hope it helps you appreciate some of the everyday
things that are easy to take for granted. =)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fermented Foods

In response to my last post I was asked about plant-based probiotic foods. (Obviously fermented dairy products like kefir and yogurt have probiotics - though I only recommend them if they are made from organic, raw milk and not filled with preservatives and sweeteners.)

In "The Maker's Diet," author Jordan Rubin explains the importance of eating fermented foods - for the probiotics and enzymes they contain. (p.142-143 & p.153) He says modern vinegar-fermented foods are not the best kind to eat, even though most commercially made products use this method.

Jordan writes that lacto-fermented foods (using lactic acid fermentation) are the best for the body. These foods are easy to make or you can find them in many health food stores - foods like fermented vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beats, cucumber, etc.), pickled relishes, eggs, and even some fruits.

"The Maker's Diet" contains recipes for fermented vegetables and also lists national health food stores that carry such products. (You can probably check out this book at your local library. It's a helpful resource to have for many health & nutrition topics.) Jordan's company, Garden of Life, also sells a fermented coconut oil which is in most health food stores.

Personally, I haven't yet branched out to fermented foods because of my extreme sensitivity to them over the years. (I take a probiotic supplement which I order from However, I do agree with Jordan's information and hope to implement it in my diet eventually. Until then, maybe you can let me know how it works for you. =)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Antibiotic--Free Anniversary

Praise God that I've now been antibiotic-free for 6 years! Considering that I spent several years on and off and on antibiotics again, this Anniversary is nothing short of a miracle! =)

In some cases, antibiotics are life-saving. But in general, they are way over-prescribed.

One problem with antibiotics is that many times the infection is fungal, not bacterial. Eating an anti-fungal diet can help prevent fungal infections. Using coconut oil on food and topically on the skin also fights fungal growth. Taking antibiotics can make fungal infections worse, so it's important to distinguish fungal from bacterial infections. (For more info about fighting fungus visit

Another problem is that most people are seriously deficient in good bacteria in their bodies. Taking antibiotics kills the few good bacteria they have, leaving them vulnerable to all kinds of invaders. Taking probiotics on a regular basis is vital for overall health and even more so during and after a course of antibiotics.

Adding insult to injury, antibiotics are toxic to the body. Some kinds seem to be worse than others, but each time you take antibiotics, your body has to work extra hard to process and detox those chemicals. (Over the last two years, I've detoxed several kinds of antibiotics. It's been a slow, not-fun process.)

So those are some good reasons not to take antibiotics. (For more reasons, try googling "dangers of antibiotics".) But can they be avoided?

For one thing, I recommend not using anti-bacterial hand soap or cleaning products. The continual use of such products leads to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and harms the body through constant exposure to antibiotics. (
Vinegar is an excellent cleaning alternative. ( For hands, use regular soap or baking soda.

Also, if possible, avoid meat & dairy products that are not organic. Non-organic products are filled with antibiotics that were fed to the animals. (One glass of "regular" milk contains traces of over 100 different antibiotics!) Again, continual ingestion of small amounts of antibiotics can cause big problems.

Using non-toxic products, eating an organic, anti-fungal diet and taking probiotic supplements are all helpful things you can do. Taking care of your environment and doing things to strengthen your immune system are important keys to avoiding antibiotics.

I realize sometimes it's necessary to take antibiotics, but hopefully with some minor lifestyle changes, you can avoid excessive exposure to them. And, like me, maybe you can even live without them for the next 6 years...or longer. Wouldn't that be great?! =)