Friday, February 25, 2011

Right Perspective

As a follow-up to my last post, I just wanted to add some specific examples and details about having the right perspective on healthcare.

You probably know that regular doctors love to run thousands of dollars worth of tests on sick people. The usual result is that they still don't know what's wrong, or at best, they can only tell you what you don't have (you don't have malaria, or hepatitis, or whatever).

In those rare cases where they discover "the problem" of someone's symptoms - such as high cholesterol, improper hormone levels, brain chemical imbalance, etc. - they still haven't told you what the root cause is. If your hormone levels are off, you need to find what caused them to be that way. Just adding more hormones to your body may "fix" your test results, but it won't actually heal the root problem.

And most often once doctors find a "name" for your problem, they either prescribe a drug (or several drugs), or they recommend surgery. It usually doesn't even occur to them that there are things you can do to actually help your body heal, once you find the true root cause of the problem.

I've discovered a few basic things that I believe are the root causes of almost all health problems.

1) poor nutrition - anyone who eats a 'typical' American diet for even a few years, will end up with a body starving for nutrients and experience all kinds of health problems as a result.

2) toxic overload - our country is riddled with toxic chemicals like never before. They are everywhere! The body can only handle so much toxic exposure before it begins to break down in several areas.

3) bugs - mainly things like parasites, entrenched viral or bacterial infections, overgrowth of candida, etc.

And STRESS is also a big factor in our overall health. Though I think it is mainly in combination with these other things that it causes problems.

So, before you face spending hundreds of dollars on more tests, having surgery, or filling your body full of toxic drugs, why not explore the things you can be doing right now to help your body heal and repair itself.

1) Eat organic foods, lots of veggies and fruits, no sugar or processed foods. - You might not see a huge change with this overnight, but it will make a difference in your body.
(Here's my post about some diet recomendations -

2) Get a lymphatic massage at least twice a month. - I know I've mentioned this many times before. There's just no way for me to overstate how important this is in facilitating your body's ability to detox! If you don't do the massage, then whatever else you do to help detox will probably not be effective or at least not as effective. God created the lymphatic system to drain the toxins from your body. If it's "choked" then you will have serious repercussions.
(Here's my post about lymphatic massage -
For more ideas about detoxing, here's my post on that -

3) Do a parasite treatment. - The CDC estimates that 80% of Americans have parasites. However, most doctors never think of this, and if they do, they only test for about 10% of the possible parasites. And, most of the regular drug treatments only kill the adult parasites, not the eggs. Thus they are completely ineffective.
If you're interested I can tell you how to do a natural parasite treatment (from the dr I saw in Idaho). Just send me an email.
Or you can try an herbal treatment. I've heard that Dr. Val Saxion has a good one, though I haven't used it myself. Here's her website -

4) Start with essential supplements - Most people are magnesium deficient and mineral deficient because of poor diets and depleted soil, etc. I'ts a fact that the body cannot produce trace minerals, magnesium, or vit. C. So these are three very important things you should supplement with (since it's almost impossible to get high enough amounts of these from food).
Also, Probiotics are vital, as I mentioned in a previous post. And coconut oil is incredibly valuable in boosting the immune system and fighting those 'bugs' in the body.
(Probiotics post -
Coconut oil post -

5) Find a natural health care provider. - I actually have 2 naturopaths, an herbalogist, my dr in Idaho, and a physical therapist that I've worked with over the last couple of years. All of them are Christians and have helped me tremendously in understanding how to work with my body toward the goal of good health.
(I've listed some suggestions in my post about resources -

6) Take care of your mental/emotional/spiritual health. Things like stress, anxiety, anger, fear, etc. are all damaging to our bodies. Renewing our minds in God's Word, prayer, and encouragement from others are always helpful and beneficial to all areas of our health. =)

These are things that anyone can do, things that will make a difference, things that can help your body to heal or just strengthen it so you can avoid so many of the health problems that are prevelant today.

If we want to be healthier than the average person today, then I believe we need to think differently and act differently. Let's not be 'conformed' to the world's ideas (Rom. 12:1-2) about health and the body. Let's continue to seek the knowledge God gives - after all He created our bodies! - and do the things He has provided so that we can live in good health and be available for all God longs to do through us!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Religion & Healthcare

For what it's worth, I'd like to share a perspective God has given me about our modern healthcare system. These are things God has shown me through my health trial, through painful experiences, and through long-term observation.

I hope this post will be of some value to you. It breaks my heart to see others going down the same road of pain and suffering I've been on. I long to do anything I can to help people avoid that if at all possible.

I know many doctors sincerely want to help people, however most of them are unable to do so mainly because our "modern" medical system is bankrupt.

Let me explain. Most doctors today have a wrong foundation for the practice of medicine. Almost all of them were trained in schools that taught 'medicine' from an evolutionary world view. On the surface, this may not seem important, but whenever you take God out of the picture in any arena, you can be sure disastrous results will follow. (see Romans chapter 1:18-32)

The evolutionary world view thinks that things can just "happen" (like the "big bang" theory). This includes various health problems. I've heard this a lot in regard to arthritis, allergies, headaches, etc. -- "you just get them sometimes."
This world view also sees "new" diseases developing. And it thinks that man can come up with a better way to 'fix' our problems - thus the explosion of chemically manufactured drugs. There is more, but I think these are the basic flaws.

In contrast, a creation world view sees God as the Creator, and a world that operates by the laws of cause and effect. God is the first cause (Himself uncaused) and nothing just "happens." Everything has a cause & effect.
In addition, man is fearfully and wonderfully made. (Ps. 139:14) The human body was designed by God with the ability to heal and repair itself. And God has given us everything we need for LIFE and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3), which means what God created is useful for all the needs of our bodies.

I know this may sound too academic to really matter, but believe me, these are the hard-earned conclusions God has given me after many years of experience in the medical world and seeing very contrasting views of different doctors.
The doctors who have really helped me are the ones who are Christians and who believe in everything I mentioned above - that every health problem has a root cause, that the body is designed to heal, and that we must give the body what it needs from creation to help it heal - not from what man has manufactured.

Of course, there are some things in 'modern' medicine that are life-saving, and I'm not discounting those. But for almost all health issues, I believe it makes a huge difference which foundation you start with.

Healthcare without 'Religion' - or for our perspective, without a foundational belief in our Creator God - will be incomplete and ineffective, and in some cases even dangerous and life-threatening.

I think this a pivotal time for Christians to examine the way we think about these things and to ask God to change our perspective and understanding from an evolutionary world view of medical care to a creation, godly world view.
And I think it's important for us to seek out and pray for doctors who will help and serve the sick from the right foundation.

What you believe matters. And what your doctor believes matters. Let's bring God back into healthcare.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hello. Today I want to just list some websites that I hope will be helpful resources for you in your health journey.

This site has video clips demonstrating specific massage techniques, as well as other information about lymphatic massage.

- Environmental Working Group

This is an excellent site with all kinds of great information like -
Shopper's guide to pesticides, Bottled water guide, Cosmetics database, Cell phone radiation report, etc.
You can sign up to receive email updates, (usually about once a week) or check out their blog -
They also have action points - petitions to sign or issues to contact congressman about.
I really appreciate their good work and hope you will benefit from it as well.

- Beyond Organic Insider

This is Jordan Rubin's blog where he tells the hard truth about many health and food issues. From revealing what's really in your drinking water, to exposing common food myths, Jordan will keep you well informed about what's really happening in the food and health industries. I appreciate his willingness to speak up and be a voice of truth in this age of misinformation and deception.

- Environmental Illness Resource

If you know someone with E.I., this website has information and ways to connect with other people with E.I.
Caution - Some of the treatment methods they describe on this site are more radical than I would recommend. Just be careful about following any treatment recommendations, while still making good use of the information and community aspects of this site.


NEEDS is a discount vitamin/supplement/health products site. They usually have better prices than most health food stores, and they have almost every product imaginable.

- Dr. Mercola

This link contains Dr. Mercola's thorough information about coconut oil and its many health benefits.

- Brenda Watson

You may have seen her show on PBS. She has all kinds of information about probiotics and health issues related to a lack of these "good bacteria" in the body.

- Doug Kaufman 

Doug's mission is to educate people about candida, mold and fungus and how they affect the body. His website tells where you can watch his TV show, what the Phase One diet is, which foods are anti-fungal, etc.

- Dr. Valerie Saxion (Naturopath)

I often watch her TV show, "Alternative Health." She shares all kinds of great health information and also sells a wide variety of products.

- Dr. Anthony Smith (Chiropractor/CBT practitioner)

This is the dr I saw almost 2 years ago in Idaho. If you know someone in the Northwest area with chronic health issues, I highly recommend him! His CBT treatment is effective for - allergies, candida, parasites, viruses, Lymes disease, etc.
I use the CBT treatment every single day for all kinds of issues, and I know that being treated by Dr. Smith was a huge part of my healing process.

- Connie Newcombe (Herbalogist)

She is the herbalogist I've been working with for more than a year and a half now. She is very knowledgeable about the healing properties of various foods, herbs, plants, etc. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with any health issue. (She does phone appointments, so she can work with anyone regardless of location.)

OK, those are some of the basic resources I use. I hope you found something helpful there. If you're looking for information on something specific, please let me know and I'll get back to you if I can help.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oil Change

For years I used only canola oil and olive oil in cooking and on my food. Some people told me about many dangers of canola oil, while others held that it was healthy for the body.

Well, last year I decided to do more research. Again, I found people standing adamantly on both sides of the issue. However, I also discoverd that canola oil comes from a plant that has been genetically modified (though some websites claim some canola oil was only naturally hybridized). Certainly if a plant has been genetically altered, we know it is a serious health risk. (I've heard that soybeans are the #1 genetically modified plant in this country. Definitely a good reason to avoid soy products.)

Considering all of the information about the possible dangers of canola oil, I decided it was wiser to remove this oil completely from my diet.

At the same time, I discovered many health experts recommending coconut oil. This oil is anti-fungal, anti-viral, good for the immune system, and more.... It is also great for cooking since it is the only oil stable enough for high cooking temperatures. It is excellent for cooking & baking, putting on food instead of margarine or butter, and even rubbing on the skin.

After reading all this great information, I decided to make the switch from canola oil to coconut oil, and I'm very glad I did. =)

If you want to read more about coconut oil, Dr. Mercola has tons of great information on his website, including a list of requirements for the kind of coconut oil you should buy (not all coconut oil is created equal). Here are his recommendations:

• Certified organic by USDA standards
• No refining
• No chemicals added (including hexane)
• No bleaching
• No deodorization
• No hydrogenation
• Made from traditional coconut palms only, no hybrid or genetically modified (GMO) varieties
• Made from fresh coconuts, not the dried "copra" used in cheap oils
• Made without heat processing

If you're still using canola, vegetable, or other possibly harmful oils, I hope you'll check out this info and decide it's time to get your oil changed. =) You'll be thankful for all the great health benefits that come with it!

(As a side note, I do still use olive oil, but only for putting on my food, not for cooking.)