Monday, April 29, 2013

I Can Read Books

I know there are many people in the world who can't read or don't have access to books. After my experience of the last few years, I don't take reading for granted anymore. 

I've always been a bit of a bookworm. I usually have 3-5 different books I'm reading simultaneously. I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction.

But a few years ago I became so sensitive to paper products that I couldn't read books anymore. I kept reading my Bible (because I just couldn't live without it), but I couldn't read anything else for months. 

It was a difficult time. I find so much help and encouragement in reading other people's stories, experiences, and wisdom. Not being able to read books left a huge hole in my already limited life. 

During that time I read my Bible as much as I could. And in many ways it was good for me to only read the Bible for several months. 

But I was so happy when the day finally came that I could pick up a book again without reacting to the paper! The world outside my little room was accessible once again! 

Since then, I've probably read an average of 5-8 books a month. I'm so grateful for the gift of the written word! Books have helped to transform my life in many ways. So I rejoice and thank God that I Can read books!

Have you read any good books lately?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Minimizing EMF Exposure

In today's world, the abundance of EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields) are becoming more and more of a health danger. 

The air is now filled with EMF's from electrical lines, cell phone towers, wireless internet, and more. Over-exposure to EMF's can cause all kinds of health problems, because they can disrupt our bodies natural "electrical" operations. This is especially true for people whose health is already compromised. 

(The earthcalm website explains more specifics of the dangers of EMF's from various sources.)

So what can we do to reduce overall EMF exposure? Here's a list of some things I've done that have helped:

1) Turn off your wireless internet when not in use - and especially turn it off at night, so your body has time to heal as you sleep.

2) Keep electronic devices out of your bedroom. 
During sleep is when your body works to repair itself. Don't leave laptops, cell phones, ipods or other electronics next to your bed or even in the room. Keep your sleeping environment as EMF free as possible to maximize this healing time.

3) Turn off some of the breakers in your house.
My mom's house has outlets on practically every wall. Very convenient, but not very healthy. So we chose 3 specific breakers that we leave turned off all the time. That means we can't use certain outlets, but it reduces the EMF load in the house. 

4) Use the "speakerphone" feature on your phone as much as possible. 
Holding a cell phone (or cordless phone) next to your ear exposes you to high levels of EMF's very close to your brain - not good. With the speakerphone option you can hold the phone away from your head and lower EMF exposure.
Also, never carry a cell phone attached to your body, as you'll be continuously exposed to the EMF's. And in general don't use EMF "shield" devices on your cell phone as they usually only cause the phone to work harder and emit more EMF's to push through the shield.

5) Monitor the time you spend on electronic devices. Don't spend all day on the computer, then sit and watch TV or text on your phone all evening. Give your body a break from EMF's frequently throughout the day.

6) Practice "grounding" regularly (every day if possible). 
Grounding, or "earthing," just means standing on the ground barefoot for several minutes. There are many health benefits from doing this, including helping your body get rid of excess EMF's and restoring a healthy balance of energy in your body. 
Several health benefits are also listed on this earthing website.

7) Use a home EMF protection device.
A friend recommended this earthcalm product to us and we've been using it for several years now. It's an investment, but it's definitely worth it in the long run.

8) Say no to "smart meters"!
For those of us in the USA and Canada, smart meters will soon replace the old electric meters on homes. Unfortunately, these wireless-type devices are highly toxic, worse than living under a cell phone tower! And you can imagine the devastating effects once every home in a neighborhood has them. 
In some places where they've already been installed people have reported serious health problems as a result and many have had to leave their homes and move across the country to "radiation-free" zones.
I hope to do a more in-depth post about smart meters in the future, but for now, here are a couple of websites you can check out:
I encourage you to call your power company ASAP and tell them you do NOT want a smart meter installed (some states have opt-out plans, others don't yet). Then spread the word to your friends, neighbors, churches, workplaces, etc. Hopefully with enough consumer outcry we can keep this scourge from spreading. 

There are many benefits of today's technology that we enjoy, but let's not forget the risks either. The world is a different place than it was 20 years ago. We need to take different actions now to continue to protect our health.

Do you have any questions or any other suggestions for minimizing EMF exposure?

Monday, April 22, 2013

I Can Do Puzzles!

We love doing Thomas Kinkade puzzles.
I've always enjoyed putting together jigsaw puzzles. I like the challenge of fitting all those individual pieces together into a beautiful whole. 

Once my health collapsed though, I didn't have the energy or ability to do puzzles anymore. For a few years I was so sensitive to anything paper-related, that we couldn't even have a puzzle out on the table. 

But last year as my brain began to heal and I started to push my boundaries a little, doing a puzzle was one of the first challenges I attempted. 

At first it wasn't easy, but by the time we finished that first puzzle, I was having a grand time! =) Since then I think my mom and I have done more than 25 puzzles. We enjoy time together while exercising our brains and watching each picture come to life.

I'm so thankful that once again I can do this simple activity that I love. And each puzzle I do reminds me that God is always at work putting together the puzzle pieces of my life. I look forward to seeing the finished picture one of these days. 

Until then, I praise God that I Can do puzzles! =)

What simple things in life do you enjoy doing?

Thursday, April 18, 2013


It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night. 
-Psalm 92:1-2

I've learned that one of the most healing things I can do is simply to worship God. 

Last year I started a habit of spending several minutes a day focused on worshipping the Lord. No other noise, no distractions, no agenda. Using hymns, praise songs, and worship songs, I spend precious time telling Jesus how wonderful He is and how much I love Him. 

This time with the Lord has become the best part of my day! It's also the hardest thing for me to do every day. I think that shows how important it is for my spiritual and physical health. 

Worship redirects our thought patterns away from the challenges of here and now, to the eternal reality of who God is. We were created for much more than what we can see today. Worship reminds us that God is working out His eternal plan for us.

Worship also connects our mind, emotions, spirit, soul and body. Chronic illness can make us feel disconnected in many ways. I believe worship helps to restore whole and complete function of who we are. 

Worship also enables us to express our love for God and to embrace His love in return. This alone is wonderfully healing!

I pray for you that you'll be blessed as you spend time in worship. And please pray for me to not neglect this awesome gift!

This song is one that inspired me to spend time with God in worship. I hope it will bless you also.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Can Breathe Deeply!

For years one of my main symptoms was trouble breathing. It started with an allergic reaction to something I ate, then it spread to all kinds of situations. 

The difficulty got worse over the years, until one day I literally felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. There were times when I didn't know if I would be able to take another breath. 

Praise God, He always saw me through those moments and kept me alive! 

in 2009 I saw an osteopath who did a series of adjustments on my diaphragm that helped a lot! My diaphragm could actually move again, instead of feeling like a rock. 

Then I went to a breathing coach who timed my breaths (I only took 5 breaths in a minute - not good). He gave me some breathing exercises to do, which also helped. 

A few months later I began physical therapy. My therapist did an amazing job of releasing all the muscles, tendons, etc. that were tightened up for so many years. After every appointment my body felt more flexible and fluid than before. 

Occasionally I still had problems with my lungs during allergic reactions. Thankfully, as my allergies have healed, I hardly ever have those problems anymore. 

Now I do deep breathing every day. And I can't describe how incredible it feels to be able to take a big, deep breath and feel it filling my whole body with oxygen! It's amazing. I love it! =)

Something as simple as taking a breath can actually be very life-giving. And I don't take it for granted anymore. I praise God that I Can breathe deeply! 

"Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!" -Psalm 150:6

Can you do deep breathing every day?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Eat Organic?

My mom grew up on a small farm in Missouri. They raised their own chickens, drank fresh milk straight from the cow, grew crops, and harvested and canned produce from their large garden. With plenty of fresh air, sunshine and hard work, it was a very healthy way to grow up.

Today my mom's grandchildren live in a world that is vastly different. Not only have environmental toxins increased exponentially, but almost all of today's food comes in a box, a bag, or plastic wrapping - filled with preservatives and chemicals you can't pronounce. Fruits and vegetables are grown by huge corporations using liberal amounts of pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and other toxins. Meats and dairy products are the most toxic, containing hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and much more. This is no longer a healthy world to grow up in.

Thankfully, the pioneer spirit my mom was raised with is still strong in her. She's worked hard to develop a beautiful garden in her backyard. She loves picking fresh brocoli for her grandkids, and showing them how to plant, water, and weed.  

Not many people can grow their own food today, but thankfully there are many people like my mom who work hard to provide healthy food for others. It's called the organic movement.

If you want to eat healthy in today's world, then organic is the way to go. 

Recently I've heard some debating about whether organic food is actually better than "regular" food or not. Considering the facts, I don't see how there could be any doubt.

Organic food (whether from a reputable company or home grown like my mom's garden) is as close as we can get to truly "healthy" food in our current environment. 

Non-organic food is so full of toxins that it's shocking! We must remember that we ARE what we eat. If we continually put toxins in our bodies, then we will certainly reap the negative consequences. 

If you want some specifics about why non-organic food is so unhealthy, check out the following articles:

Non-organic meat has "glue" in it. 
Non-organic meat contains "pink slime".
Non-organic meat comes from animals fed a continuos diet of antibiotics whether they're sick or not.

Meat is probably the most important food to buy organic. However, non-organic produce is also dangerous. It contains pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc, 

EWG's guide to pesticides lists the produce (non-organic) with the most pesticides and the least. If you can't buy all organic produce, then use this guide to help you know which ones to avoid unless you can buy them organic. 

These days you can also buy organic flours, oats, eggs, etc. Most grocery stores now have organic sections with all kinds of options.

I realize that for a few people the cost of organic food truly is not doable. However, for most of us, buying organic is possible if it's a priority. (And if you live a non-toxic lifestyle you're already saving money.) =)

Buying organic food is an investment in your future because it's an investment in your health. 

P.S. I really appreciate Jordan Rubin's excellent article on this topic. I think you'll find it helpful as well.

Do you eat organic food? Why or why not?

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Can Eat Bananas (& other healthy foods)!

When I was growing up in Colombia, we had a banana garden behind our house. Since they were free (& healthy), bananas were a staple of our diet - fresh bananas, banana bread, banana salad, etc. 

Somewhere during the last eight years I became allergic to bananas. I couldn't eat them or many other healthy foods. For several years my basic diet consisted of pasta, hamburger, and peas (all organic). Pretty sad, I know, but those were the few foods that I tolerated ok. 

But praise God, over the last year and a half I've been able to eat so many healthy foods again! I can now eat organic whole wheat, honey, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tangerines, broccoli, eggs, milk (raw)...and of course - bananas! 

I'm so thankful for the wider variety of foods I can eat now. (I even have some cooked spinach on occasion.) =) It's a blessing to be able to eat the healthy foods God created for us. 

After years of feeling like I was going bananas, I'm happy that now I Can eat bananas! =)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


My health problems began when I was a teenager. I struggled with them off and on throughout high school and college. Then in 2004 I had to quit working, and for the next four and a half years my health continued to decline. 

Four years ago I was at the worst point. I'd seen more than 40 doctors. I'd tried everything I thought there was to try. Nothing helped. I was ready to give in to despair. I didn't think there was any hope for me.

Praise God for my mom! She never quit looking for answers. One day she told me she wanted to bring a massage therapist to see me. I was skeptical, but I reluctantly agreed. 

When Bob arrived, he shared his story with me. He'd lived with severe chronic fatigue after burning out as a pastor. Then as God taught him various things about health and the body, he gradually recovered. 

When he saw me, I could tell he realized how sick I was. But he looked in my eyes and said with a smile, "You are fixable!" 

Other doctors had said things like "Of course I can help you" or "I've had lots of patients like you." But eventually either they ended up shaking their heads in bewilderment at me, or I left before they could do any more damage to my fragile condition. 

Those doctors boasted of what they thought they could do. But when Bob looked at me and spoke those words, I heard it not as a boast or a human assurance - but as the Truth. 

And wonder of wonders - I believed him! For the first time, I had genuine hope that I could recover - that I really was "fixable."  

After that, God led us to several natural treatments that helped my body heal. And here I am four years later, healthier than I've been in years! 

I praise God for the way He created our bodies with the ability to heal. And I thank Him for the gift of HOPE. 

If you feel like you've tried everything and nothing helps, 
If you feel despair closing in on you,
If you're too tired to even care anymore,

...please hear this - You are fixable! 

There is hope for you!

God led me to the specific treatments my body needed. But I often read about people getting well using many other methods. Not everything works for everyone, but there are a lot of natural health options out there. 

So please don't give up! Keep looking for answers. Keep doing what you can do for your health. And find rest in knowing that God LOVES you! He has a purpose for your pain and a plan for your life. 

I pray God will lead you to the answers you need step by step. I pray you'll experience more of His love in this journey. And I pray you'll courageously hold on to Hope. 

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well...
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be...
when I awake, I am still with you.
-Psalm 139:13,14,16,18

Monday, April 1, 2013

I Can Cry Happy Tears

For some reason, when I was growing up I hated to cry. When tears threatened, I'd hold them in if I possibly could. 

Then when my health problems started, one of the symptoms I had during an allergic reaction was that I would burst into tears. It was quite infuriating. I knew in my mind it was just an allergic reaction, but I couldn't stop the physical response of crying. My mom was always so sweet and would tell me just to let the tears flow. After all they're good for getting out toxins. =)

After several years, I finally accepted and learned to live with this symptom. Thankfully, as my body has healed and my allergies have drastically improved, I've had much fewer reactions and much less tears.

Then about a year ago, after starting the DNRS brain retraining program, something changed. As I did the brain exercises and learned how to practice positive emotions, suddenly I started crying again - only this time it was from happiness! 

God healed something in my brain and in my emotions, so that now I can cry when I'm filled with joy, overcome with wonder, or feel really happy. And it's wonderful! I don't try to hold the tears back anymore. Instead I'm thankful for the gift of tears as a way that I can express emotions - both negative and positive.

Often when I'm singing a worship song to the Lord and feel the sweetness of His presence, I'll begin to cry. And I just smile through the tears, so glad that at last I Can cry happy tears! =)

Do you ever cry happy tears?