Thursday, August 25, 2016

Travel Tips - for Healthier Flying

After seven flights in the last five months, I'm starting to get the hang of traveling by air once again. =) It's very different than 12 years ago when I used to fly often...both because of changes in regulations and changes in my health. So here are some things I've learned that helped me. Feel free to add any of your own travel tips for flying as well.

Before you fly -

If possible, don't book an evening flight. Delays often happen and you can end up not arriving til the wee hours of the morning, which is very hard on the body. Try to book morning or early afternoon flights, so you'll have plenty of time to arrive at your destination and still have a reasonable bedtime.

Wrap any bottles of supplements you're taking in aluminum foil and place them in your checked luggage. This will help protect them against the emf's in the luggage scanner. Apparently the scanners for carry-on baggage have higher emf levels than checked luggage, so put anything emf sensitive in checked bags not carry-ons.

If you don't have a problem with plastic, then pack your clothes in large size ziploc bags to protect them from the petroleum fumes on the airplane. These fumes easily penetrate most luggage, so extra protection for clothing is helpful. I actually put everything I'm packing in ziploc bags for that extra protection.

If you're traveling with essential oils, put them in a small ziploc bag in your carry-on. When you reach the security check point, ask an employee to hand check the ziploc bag for you. That way it won't go through the scanner. I know some people say that airport scanners aren't bad for essential oils, but I prefer to be cautious. And it's not hard, the employees were willing to hand check mine for me.

Also at the security check point, you can ask for an "opt out" from the body scanner. Instead of having to go through the body scanner (which is a lot of emf's!), they will have someone do a quick pat down for you. It's not a big deal. It does take a few extra minutes though, so make sure you consider that when planning your arrival time at the airport.

Wear comfortable shoes and socks. You have to remove your shoes now at the security point, so it's good to have socks on (and not be walking barefoot on the floor, which undoubtedly has many germs, chemicals, etc.).

Take a sweater or jacket with you. Most planes and airports are cold.

While you fly -

Get some spring water in the airport and make sure you stay hydrated. The water served on most flights is "purified water" not spring water. "Purified water" is basically the same as tap water, so I always buy spring water in the airport before boarding.

Use the restroom right before your flight so you won't have to enter the lavatory on the plane if possible (those are full of chemicals, smells, germs, etc.).

Sit closer to the front of the plane if you can. I was told that the air is filtered in the front of the plane and then pushed back. This means that supposedly the cleaner air is closer to the front.

On some airlines, you can tell the person at the desk that you have special needs and they will often let you board earlier or help you with any possible accommodations. If you need extra leg room, the very first row of seats or the exit rows have more space.

If you end up seated next to someone with strong cologne or something that's a problem for you, feel free to ask a flight attendant if you can move to a different seat. As long as the flight isn't packed full I found they were willing to let me move.

If you have a good mask that works for you, you can wear it on the plane.

After you fly -

Plan for at least a day or two of rest after your flight. Allow your body time to recover from the flight and adjust to any time changes.

If you can, take a detox bath in epsom salts, or at least soak your feet in epsom salts.

If possible, spend some time grounding (with your bare feet on the earth) over the next few days to help your body get rid of excess emf's from the plane.

Take extra vitamin C and magnesium for a few days. Or add whatever supplements are helpful for you and support your immune system.

Well, I hope these ideas are helpful. It's wonderful for me to be able to fly places again! And I'm thankful for the things I've learned which have made the experience a little easier. Let me know what other tips you have learned as well. =) 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Liver 101

Last month my doctor assessed that my liver was only functioning at about 73%. That explains some things, such as being more sensitive to chemicals and foods, fatigue, etc. So I've been working on helping my liver recover with essential oils, an herbal liquid product, and other things.

Then one of my friends told me about some health videos that were helpful. I just watched this one about the liver and thought it was very informative. It is about 45 minutes I think, but you can watch it in segments if necessary. I think there's a lot of helpful information in it.

My one comment to add is that I don't think vegetarian is the best thing for everyone. Each person is different and for some people vegetarian is not the healthiest option. Of course I always recommend eating natural/organic meats if you do eat meat, not the conventional, toxic meats.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. There are many other videos by this lady as well. So far I've only seen this one, but I look forward to watching more as she seems to be a good resource for health information.