Friday, May 27, 2011

Small Victories

One thing I've learned in the last 6 & 1/2 years is the value of celebrating "small" victories.

I can't tell you how many times I've prayed and asked God for instant healing. So far, His answer has always been "No" - but that doesn't mean He isn't answering my prayers. He continues to do many "small" but great works in my spirit and in my body.

I guess we think it's easy to praise God for a "big" miracle like instant healing, but we easily miss the less spectaluar things He does everyday.

So now when I finally get to visit the beach - I rejoice!
When I can take a B-vitamin supplement for the first time in years - I sing!
When I'm strong enough to eat dinner at the dining table - I lift up my hands in praise!

These little details may not be worthy of a TV interview, but they are still worth celebrating - because they are evidence of God's loving and powerful work in my life.

So when you make it through one whole day without sugar - rejoice!
When you can do two minutes of stretches instead of one - clap your hands!
When you eat a strange vegetable and actually enjoy it - laugh with joy!

Rejoice in the Lord and celebrate the victories HE gives - even when they're "small." =)

"They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness. The LORD is gracious and compassionate...The LORD is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made." -Psalm 145:7,8,13

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beyond Organic

I recently saw Jordan Rubin (author of "The Maker's Diet") on TV. I have a lot of respect for him as a Christian and as a health advocate.

He was sharing about his latest endeavor, a style of ranching/farming that he calls Beyond Organic. He's gone to great lengths to find ways to produce food that isn't just "organic" according to the food industry standards, but truly natural and healthy as God intended.

I think his food products will be available for sale beginning in October. In the meantime, he's trying to raise awareness of the need for truly organic foods. And he's encouraging other people who are able, to follow his example with their own farms/ranches.

There's more information on his website:
I hope you'll take a few minutes to check it out and help spread the word to others also.

I believe Jordan is someone God has raised up to help His people break out of the bondage of the world's food "system" which truly leads to death. The food God made for us is what we need, what leads to life and health. It encourages me so much to see someone pursuing the dreams God gave them to make a difference in this world! And it motivates me to keep pressing on toward the dreams God has given me. I too want to touch both people's hearts and their health. I know with God ALL things are possible!

Let's keep seeking God's way to be healthy so He can accomplish His plans & dreams for us!
To God be the glory!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Living with Environtmental Illness requires constant adjustment and flexibility.

As my allergies and sensitivities have gotten worse, I've gradually had to make more and more adjustments, and every day requires flexibility in different ways.

Here are some of the unusual details of my E.I. life:

- Because of my sensitivity to certain kinds of fabrics and to fabrics manufactured in certain countries...I use organic, cotton T-shirts (made mostly in Central Americaa) as all-purpose material - for hand towels, bath towels, T-shirts of course, pillowcases, etc.

- Since practically all bedding now contains fire retardant (required by law), I use a pair of rolled-up jeans for a pillow. Not exactly cloud 9, but at least it's better than a rock. =)

- Sitting in a chair for very long is exhausting, so I haven't eaten a meal at the dining table in ages. I eat on my bed with my feet up.

- For too many reasons to list, my room is completely empty except for my mattress (which is on the floor) and an air purifier (and a mirror which is nailed to the wall).

- With my sensitivity to EMF's (electro-magnetic fields) we turned off the breaker to my room...which means we have to run extension cords from my mom's room through the hall into my room in order to plug in the air purifier. And I have no light in my room, (which isn't quite so bad now since it doesn't get dark so early).

Those are just a few of the crazy details of my E.I. life (and I haven't even started on what it's like for my mom since she has to live with's no picnic for her either).

Sometimes I look around and realize just how far from "normal" my life is. All I can do is laugh at the absurdity of it...and keep adjusting and flexing.

But really, compared to a lot of people with E.I., I'm living in the lap of luxury! I have heat and a/c. I have air purifiers. I have an organic mattress. I have a computer I can use. I have my wonderful mom to take care of me! What more does a girl need, eh? (Well, a real pillow would be nice....) =)

This kind of life gives new meaning to Paul's words that "if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that." (1 Tim. 6:8)

The Lord always provides for my needs, even when it's through strange means. I hope I'm learning a kind of contentment that will last through any circumstances.

One day we'll be enjoying our mansions in heaven (with all organic products, right?). =) Until then, I pray whatever you're going through today, you will find contentment not in your cirucmstances, but in the God who cares for you!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cell Phone Radiation

Hello. Today I just wanted to write a quick note about cell phones.

While the debate continues about just how damaging cell phone radiation is, I think it's clear that we should take precautions. Recent studies have raised concern about the safety of cell phone radiation, which can lead to an increased risk of cancer and other health problems.

I think it's important for us to take this issue seriously. And it's not hard to do something. There are simple things we can do to minimize exposure to cell phone radiation.

* Don't hold the phone next to your head - use the speaker-phone or an ear-phone when you talk.
* Don't carry cell phones in pockets or a hip-holster, as this put the radiation right next to the body.
* Leave your cell phone in a different room (or at least across the room from you ) at night, not right next to your bed.
* When you're ready for a new phone, buy one with a lower level of radiation.

The Environmental Working Group has a special section focused on this issue with more tips and a chart listing which phones (including smart phones) emit the least or the most radiation.

Just be aware of the possible dangers and take appropriate precautions.

Also, something most people are unaware of, is the fact that cordless phones also emit high levels of radiation. If you still have a land-line, I suggest unplugging the cordless phone and using a regular wall-phone instead.

A few years ago, one of my doctor's suggested that I spend 10 minutes a day standing barefoot on the ground. This "grounding" supposedly helps the body get rid of excess electromagnetic radiation that it has absorbed. (I haven't looked up the scientific research on this yet, but I can only imagine that standing on the earth God created would be a beneficial thing.) =)

It's hard sometimes to remember that our bodies are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic fields - electricity/power lines, wireless internet, cell phone towers, radio waves.... These things are foreign to the body, so the more we can limit our total exposure, the better.

Take care!