Thursday, August 8, 2013

Traveling With An E.I. Person

Guest Post today by the wonderful Non-Toxic Woman - who bravely did a two-week road trip with me, in spite of all the necessary adjustments. =) 

Taking a road trip with Super E.I. Girl is always an adventure.

The packing list: 
- air purifier, 
- hot plate (in case our hosts cook with gas), 
- toaster oven (ditto), 
- clear glass plates and cereal bowls that can be used in the toaster oven,
- stainless steel pan and lid,
- sheets and barrier cloths, all we own,
- cushions and pillows for sleeping in the car if needed, 
- an ice chest filled with organic food,  
- a large laundry basket also filled with organic food,
- enough clothes to change twice daily (because you never know what smells you’ll meet on the way to Texas), 
- two large bags of baking soda for washing hands and for putting on paper plates to combat smells (see previous point),
- one gallon of white vinegar,
- enough bottled water for the entire trip, in case we can’t find Joanna’s brand....

Fortunately we have a mini-van, so there was a little room left for my clothes. =)

These are on the banned list because—have you ever sniffed a suitcase? 

Joanna loves laundry baskets for traveling. First we line them with towels, then stack in the shirts and shorts, etc, then cover them with another towel. Very E.I. friendly. 

I just take a hint from the old hobos and stuff my clothes in pillow cases. One pillow case for each stop works great.

Time to gas up:
First, we have to find a gas station that’s near a fast-food restaurant where I can drop Joanna off.

Second, after I park by the gas pump, I have to dress for the occasion—a large t-shirt to go over my clothes, a hat to cover my head, and a plastic bag for my right hand.

Third, after I pump the gas, I toss the bag, pull off the shirt and hat, tuck them in a different plastic bag, and bury them in the back of the car.

I sometimes wonder what the people at the gas pumps think of my “pumping ritual.” 

Then I pick up Joanna and we’re on the road again.

Where to sleep:
It’s true that there are a few motels/hotels that have a some rooms that are E.I. friendly. But even those have state regulations about disinfecting that can cause problems. We prefer to impose on our friends. If Joanna has to sleep in the van, it’s much safer in a friend’s driveway than in a motel parking lot. 

Probably most E.I. people have experienced sleeping in a car. It’s much easier if you’re short—or have a large car. And be careful not to allow any mosquitoes to sneak in before you close the door!

Back home:
Praise the Lord, traveling with Joanna is much easier than it was a few years ago. It’s still a lot of work, but her joy in the Bible conference and seeing friends and family made it all worth it!

Thanks for a great trip mom! =)

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