Monday, August 5, 2013

I Can Eat Snacks!

As I prepared for our road trip last month, I decided to search the health food store for some snack foods that I could take with me. Basically everything I normally eat is either fresh or frozen, which doesn't keep well when traveling.

Well, I was very happy to discover a few products that I felt were still healthy but would also travel well. =)

1) organic applesauce cups
2) "Late July" plain wheat crackers 
3) "Nature's Path" Honey Oat Crunch granola bars

As you probably know, just because a snack product is labeled as "natural" or "healthy" doesn't mean it really is. You still have to read every label and watch for unhealthy ingredients. 

I was very glad to find that the three snacks above were all organic, with no yeast, soy, dairy, eggs, etc. Hooray!!! =) 

Now that I'm home and back to my normal diet, it's still nice to have these snacks on hand. It's also great that I can keep a granola bar in my purse for times when I'm out and about and have a snack attack. =) 

Even though I'm almost back to "normal" health these days, I still want to eat as healthy as possible. I'm glad there are some good products out there so that I Can eat snacks! 

What healthy snacks do you enjoy?

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