Thursday, September 13, 2012

If You Give An E.I. Girl A Lumpy* Pillow...

Here's something a little humorous to cheer your day, mostly based on my personal experience. =) 

(*It's lumpy because it's actually made of rolled up cotton jeans and t-shirts, because she can't afford an organic cotton pillow)

If you give an E.I. girl a lumpy pillow, her neck will get out of alignment. 

If her neck gets out of alignment, it will cause inflammation in her back.

If there's inflammation in her back, it will cause nerve pain in her right hand.

If she has nerve pain in her right hand, she'll make an appointment with her physical therapist.

If she goes to the appointment with her physical therapist, she'll accidentally bump into a handsome lawyer who works next door and who happens to live a fragrance-free lifestyle. 

If she goes on a date with said lawyer, they'll end up getting married and going on a honeymoon.

If she goes on the honeymoon, she'll forgot to take her expensive cotton pillow and end up using a pair of rolled up jeans instead.

If she uses a lumpy pillow, she'll get a neck-ache. 

And if she gets a neck-ache, she'll remember how happy she is that she once had a lumpy pillow. 

The End.

Ok, so the second half of this little story is totally fictional, but then again you never know what might happen. Which reminds me, I better go make that physical therapy appointment.... =)

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