Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ok, this is everyone's favorite topic, right? Not.
But parasties are indeed a real part of most people's health problems.

Most experts estimate that 80-95% of the American population has parasites (just google it - you'll be surprised).

- If you have a pet, you're at risk for parasites.
- If you've ever been out of the country, you undoubtedly picked up parasites.
- If you've ever eaten pork or fish, you've most likely consumed parasites
...these are just a few indicators.

Basically, unless you've recently done a parasite treatment, you most assuredly have them right now.

But before you freak out, try to remember that this knowledge can be a good thing. Parasites can mimic other diseases and cause all kinds of problems in the body. So maybe your strange symptoms have a simple explanation.

The problem is that most doctors don't test for parasites, or they only test for a few kinds. And most medications they prescribe only kill the adult parasites, not the eggs, thus are ineffective.

After I returned from Mexico, my MD gave me a routine parasite medication, which as far as I know, didn't do any good. Next I tried a natural alternative - Wormwood. (That is the nastiest taste on the planet!) I don't think that helped either, because my intestinal problems continued.
Later a friend recommended an herbal treatment, which consisted of taking capsules, powder in water, and drinking a special tea each day, for several weeks (40-50 days, I don't remember exaxtly). Unfortunately, because of my sensitivities to herbs, it made me worse, and I had to quit before I finished it.

Finally, in 2009, I went to Dr. Smith ( who has developed a natural treatment for parasites that actually works! He treated me for parasites in my intestines. Later I found that I had parasites in my adrenal gland, so we treated for those also.
When we tested my mom she originally had them in her stomah and liver. We treated her. Then a few months later more showed up in her lower intestines. So we treated for those.

The point is that there are many different kinds of parasites and they can be in different places in the body. And after treating for one kind, another kind may show up somewhere else. This is why regular checking and treating for parasites is so important.

If you're interested in the natural method we use, send me an email or post a comment, and I'll send you the specifics (it only takes 2 days).
If your body is not as sensitive as mine and you can tolerate herbs, then Dr. Valerie Saxion has an herbal parasite treatment on her website, called ParaCease.
She also has MUCH more information about this topic.

Unfortunately, parasites are part of the reality of living in this fallen world. Whatever you do, please take this seriously! Your body is God's temple. Be a faithful guardian of it. Kick out the "squatters." =)

Fighting for health,

- One more note: A good rule of thumb is to get a new toothbrush every 3 months (germs & nasties build up in your toothbrush). But it's especially improtant to get a new toothbrush when doing a parasite treatment. If you don't, you could end up reinfecting yourself from your toothbrush.

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