Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Hear What I Say...(And So Do You)

Several years ago a health professional told me to start saying "positive affirmations" every day, like:
"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." 

I didn't see how that could possibly be true, and it felt wrong somehow to say it. So I never did. Even though that probably wasn't the best statement for me to use, it was a good idea to change the words I spoke. Eventually I discovered the powerful effect our words have on us, and I started to use them in a positive way.

The reality is that our brains hear what our mouths say. Every time we say something negative (even if it feels true) about physical symptoms or emotions of frustration, discouragement, only reinforces that negative idea in the brain and in the body. 

I had to learn to stop saying words that didn't contribute to good health, and instead practice saying words that promote healing and strengthening in my body.

I think the most powerful statements we can tell ourselves are the ones that begin with "I am...." 

- I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
- I am perfectly designed for a unique purpose.
- I am strong and healthy in every season. (This is one I've been using a lot lately.) 
- I am courageous and fearless! 
- I am calm and capable in any situation.
- I am happy, thankful and full of life! 

Other good statements to use begin with "I can" or "I love" - 

- I can do this! I can handle this. I can enjoy this." (fill in whatever "this" is for you)
- I love my family! I love my house! I love my life! =)

Believe me, I know at first it can seem awkward to say things that may not "feel" true. But remember that words are a gift from God - to help us change! Our brains control everything in our bodies. If we want change in the body, we need to have change in the brain. And changing our words is probably the best way to make changes in our brains. 

When we tell ourselves positive truths, we are choosing to focus on those things over the negative things. 
I'm not saying that you can tell yourself "I'm healthy" and all health challenges suddenly disappear. 
I am saying that negative words do NOT help in the healing process, but positive words DO. 

So think about the things you usually say to yourself, or that you say about yourself to others. Are those words reinforcing negativity in the brain? If so, consider what statements you can use to replace the negative ones. Start with statements you're comfortable with, even if it's something like:
"I'm pressing on. I'm moving forward. I'm making progress." 
Choose a statement with a positive direction for you and start using it.

Then gradually add in other statements and stretch yourself a little more and more. 
- If you want to be thankful, even though you never feel thankful, then start saying "I love to be thankful." Your brain will hear that new message and begin to change your attitude. 
- When you feel tempted to discouragement, say "I can be happy!" 
- When you feel challenged, say "I am capable in this situation."  

Think of it like a game and try to always find a positive statement for each challenging moment.

I can testify that changing our words is an essential step to take in order to continue healing. Our brains need to hear us say things that support health and well-being - because I hear what I say, and so do you! 

So I'll get you started, ok? =)

You are wonderfully created by God for a unique purpose! 
You are loved more than you can imagine!
You are strong and courageous! 
And you can use positive words as a tool for healing! =) 

Yes and amen.

Your turn! =) Please share in the comments one positive statement you will tell yourself this week.  

P.S. Here's a really cute video of a little girl using the power of positive words. Enjoy! =) 


  1. "I have full confidence in God!"

  2. Wonderful! That's a good one. =) Thanks for sharing!