Saturday, August 25, 2012

Indoor Air Quality

You've probably heard that indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air. I wish it weren't true, especially since most of us spend as much as 90% of our time indoors.

I just read a long article about this topic that frankly, is pretty scary for people who are unaware of the dangers. 

We've done a LOT in our home in recent years to significantly improve the indoor air quality:

- removed furniture items made of particle-board or other toxic materials and replaced with metal shelving, wood or glass furniture
- removed all carpeting and replaced with tile or laminate wood flooring (Tile is best, but we learned that after using the laminate in some rooms. I believe the laminate is still better than carpet.)
- got rid of mold in the bathrooms and painted with a non-toxic paint 
- replaced synthetic air ducts with metal ones

And of course, we've invested in several air purifiers. We've tried different kinds over the years, but by far our favorite is the 160R2 Room Air Purifier from Foust.  

Some other things we do to help the air quality are:
- open the windows and air the house out on dry, clear days
- frequently set plates of baking soda out for 15 minutes at a time to absorb chemicals and smells that accumulate
- allow any newly purchased items to "off-gas" outside or in the garage before bringing them into the house (all new items contain some measure of chemicals--either wash or let them air before using)
- leave wet towels or clothes outside and keep a light on in the bathroom to help prevent mold
- use a filter in the air conditioning intake vent (these are also available at

It does take effort, but improving the air quality in your home is well worth it.

Question: What suggestions do you have for improving indoor air quality?

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