Friday, July 6, 2012

"Extreme Makeover: Health Edition" - Part 3

My "Extreme Makeover: Health Edition" has been a gradual process over the last 3 years - involving hard work, commitment, and much prayer. But praise God - the result is that I'm experiencing a health transformation! =)

The first step in my "makeover" was to detox effectively. For step two I had to get rid of the "bugs" and help my body heal from the damage they caused. 

For me, step three involved two valuable therapies:

1) Physical Therapy
I used to think physical therapy was only for people recovering from surgery or an injury. Now I know that it can be helpful for almost anyone.

Chronic illness causes the body to tense up in various places (or all over), like being tied in knots. Often those knots need to be physically "untied" or worked out so the body can function more effectively.

A good physical therapist can work wonders for the body and for overall health! 

I originally went to my physical therapist for help with trouble breathing. She was able to get my diaphragm to relax, then she worked on my abdominal and back muscles. I could breathe so much better after she worked on me! 

She also puts my neck back in alignment without the cracking or popping of traditional chiropractic methods. 

In the beginning I had physical therapy twice a week, then gradually I lessened the frequency. I still have an appointment about once a month, and my body always feel more relaxed and fluid afterwards. 

(One caution is to make sure you get a GOOD referral for a physical therapist. You want someone who will listen to you and understand your level of fragility. 
When I first started, my therapist was extremely careful and didn't push my body past what it could tolerate. Now she's able to really work me over because my body is stronger and can handle it. 
Physical therapy does involve some discomfort, but a good therapist will recognize your tolerance level work within it.)

2) Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)
I like to call this program "physical therapy for the brain." 

With Environmental Illness, the brain develops an automatic response to triggers such as chemicals, foods, mold, etc. The DNRS program teaches you practical brain exercises to stop the negative automatic response and retrain your brain to have a new automatic response that is healthy.

Next week I'll complete 6 months of this program, and I've seen tremendous improvement! I plan to continue doing the brain exercises until I feel I'm 100% recovered.

And if you have specific questions, please feel free to email me or post a question in the comments.

I was reminded this week of Proverbs 14:23a, which says "All hard work brings a profit". 

Recovering from Environmental Illness definitely requires work and perseverance. But I'm so thankful there are actually helpful treatments we can put our effort into! And we can know that they will bring the "profit" of restored health. Praise God!

I'd love to hear about your "Extreme Makeover" stories. What have you done to experience a health transformation?

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