Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Extreme Makeover: Health Edition" - Part 1

This is what I like to call the last 3 years of my life: "Extreme Makeover: Health Edition." 

A little over 3 years ago my body was at its worst point. It's a miracle to me that I was still alive. Barely functioning, but alive. 

My body was in need of a TOTAL repair. Thankfully, that was when God finally led me to some things that truly helped.

1) Lymphatic Massage 
After my first massage, I actually felt the downward spiral in my body stop. It was incredible! After a few weeks of the massage, I could feel my body beginning to heal. 
I had a lymphatic massage almost every day for over 2 years. Now I have one about once a week.
(You can read my post about Lymphatic Massage here.)

2) Detox baths
I started doing a detox bath in mineral powder every day. At first, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me for about 30 minutes after each bath. Gradually, as more toxins came out, I felt better and better. 
I still do a detox bath several times a week.
(There's more info on detox baths here)

With these two therapies, I was finally able to detox, which made a huge difference in my health! However, detoxing is a slow process. In fact, I'm still detoxing some things 3 years later! 

In this toxic world we live in, we need to be detoxing continually just to keep up with the toxins we encounter on a daily basis. For those of us with E.I., detoxing is absolutely essential. I've detoxed chemicals, medications, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum products, etc, etc, etc.

I heard once that you should assume it'll take one month of detoxing for each year of toxic exposure. That may be true for others, but for me it's been a longer process. When toxins are stored in numerous places in the body, it takes time to get them all out. The good news is that as you detox, your body is less weighed down with toxins and is better able to heal.

So my healing journey began with effective detoxing methods (a good place for anyone to start). But I still had a long way to go.... Next time I'll share step 2 in my "Extreme Makeover: Health Edition." =)

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