Thursday, April 19, 2012

What An E.I. Girl Needs - 1

Living with Environmental Illness presents some unique challenges. Yet many basic needs remain the same, even though they're framed in a different situation than most people experience. 

So I'll be writing a series of posts about what an E.I. girl needs - a different perspective on common needs. =)

*Sometimes an E.I. Girl just needs a HUG!*

In my teens I wasn't a very "huggy" person, but during college I came to appreciate the value of a warm hug. 

After my health collapsed, I became so sensitive to fragrances of any kind that I quit hugging people altogether. If I hugged someone, not only would I smell ALL the fragrances on them (perfume, laundry soap, hand lotion, etc.) but I would then have those fragrances on my clothes, skin and hair. So I held back and quit hugging people. 

But sometimes, when life feels overwhelming, or I'm lonely or weary, I just really need a HUG! 

There's something comforting, reassuring, and calming about a hug. A hug says, 
"It'll be ok." 
"You're going to get through this."
"Even when life hurts, I still care about you." 
"You're not alone." 

What a precious gift God has given us in a simple hug! If you've been taking this gift for granted, I hope you'll go find a loved one right away and give them a big hug!!! =)

I'm thankful for the people in my life who've been willing to forego the scented products so that I can enjoy being around them and giving them a hug. 

Thankfully, as the chemical sensitivity is decreasing for me, I'm able to hug a few more people than before. But I'm still way behind on my "quota," as some experts recommend at least 4 hugs a day to maintain emotional health. 

As my health continues to improve, I'm looking forward to catching up on all those hugs! =)

Question: How many hugs do you need each day? What hinders you from getting enough hugs? 

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