Thursday, August 13, 2015

Self-massage Techniques

If you've followed my blog very long, you know I'm always recommending lymphatic massage as an essential health tool. It's the thing that finally turned my health around when I started using it in 2009.

The problem with lymphatic massage is that it's not convenient or cheap to go to a professional regularly. I'm so blessed that my mom has been able to do the massage for me consistently. But many EI people live alone and don't have someone else to do massage for them.

So I was very excited recently when a friend told me about some lymphatic self-massage videos. I've already tried the techniques in the first two videos and I'm impressed. They're simple to do, don't take a lot of time or energy and seem to be effective.

I hope you'll watch these videos and start using the techniques to improve the function of your lymphatic system.

Important: Below the last video, I've included the notes from the massage therapist, which list a few contraindications for these massage techniques. Please read them before using these techniques.

This massage therapist also has a blog, which I found informative and encouraging. You can check it out here:

self-massage for the neck and head - to help with drainage from colds or allergies

Lymphatic breathing and self-massage for the abdomen - part 1

self-massage for the abdomen - part 2

"Contraindications include pregnancy (Lymphatic breathing is excellent, but don't do part 2 of this video series). Other contraindications for Lymphatic Drainage Massage work in general are as follows:

1. Fever, acute infection, early onset inflammatory disease. You need to wait until the acute phase is over and the fever is broken.
2. Circulatory system problems, especially thrombosis. If there is any risk of embolism of phlebitis, do not use LDM and see your physician immediately
3. Cardiac issues such as heart disease, acute angina pectoris or coronary thrombosis (heart attack). Using LDM increases the fluid load on the heart, and compromised cardiac systems should not be subjected to LDM.
4. Active bleeding, internal or external.
5. Active malignant cancers, undiagnosed lumps, or tumors whose origins have not been determined by your physician.
6. High risk pregnancy or late term pregnancy with complications."

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